The Chromosome 9p minus Network has 3 terrific ongoing fundraisers accessible to the public:

  1. Zazzle and Create Photo Calendars – have create-your-own photo calendars, mugs, t-shirts and much more!

           These links will take you directly to our 9p Minus site with all the products available to purchase.

2. Amazon Smile – Amazon’s way of donating to non-profit organizations

Amazon Smile Donation link

3. I-Give – a dedicated website for giving to non-profit organizations

          All donations go directly to the Network’s general operations.


Independent fundraisers are also welcomed and encouraged!  In the past, 9p minus families have held various fundraisers such as golf tournaments, backyard barbeques, runs/walks, home parties, etc, to support the Network and to honor their 9p minus loved ones.  If you are interested in holding a fundraiser, please fill out the fundraising form via the link below and email it to the Network at

Fundraising Proposal Form link


To donate, please click on the ‘donate’ button on the right side of this page.


Thank you for your love to our extra special individuals!!!