How to Join the 9pminus Network

Membership in the Chromosome 9pminus Network is free and available to parents or guardians of individuals with 9p Deletion Syndrome. Although based in the United States, the Network has members all over the world representing over 20 countries. Typically members speak English, but the Network has volunteer translators available to correspond in other languages.

To join the Chromosome 9pminus Network, please fill out the online form, located under the MEMBERSHIP tab, “Enrollment Request Form” and follow the link there.  A Membership Services Committee member will reply to your membership request in a timely manner. Information needed to complete enrollment includes: the 9pminus individual’s full name, date of birth, and karyotype (such as 46,XX,del9p24.3); family’s mailing address, email address, phone number, parent/guardian’s names, and sibling information (if applicable). An enrollment email is completed by a member of the Membership Services Committee and a phone call can be made as requested to answer any questions.

Once enrolled, the newly enrolled family is mailed a Welcome Packet containing enrollment information, previous year’s yearbook, newsletters, etc. An invite to the 9pminus Yahoo eGroup and Facebook pages is sent via email to the new family, as well.

*Enrolled families are encouraged to maintain updated mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers to ensure uninterrupted correspondence.  Email with any changes.