Network Family Reunions

The next TRIENNIAL REUNION will be held August 6,7 and 8, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Every three years, the Chromosome 9pminus Network holds a “Family Reunion” in a to-be-determined location. These are gatherings of our 9p Minus “family” and a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow 9pminus families in a fun and informative atmosphere. The most recent Reunion was held in Lake Charles, Louisiana in July 2017 with around 40 families from all over the US, Canada and International as well, in attendance. The next Triennial Reunion is scheduled to be held in Iowa in 2020.

These Reunions are made possible by the Network’s various fundraisers. The monies raised from the fundraisers are used to offset the costs of the weekend gathering. In addition, the Reunions are made possible by the Network’s Family Reunion Committee and a Host Family. Approximately two years before the event, the Board of Directors solicits interested Network families to be a Host family. Once a Host Family and location are determined, the Family Reunion Committee works with the Host family to coordinate the fun-filled weekend. Although the itinerary changes from reunion to reunion, the gatherings are geared towards providing information and support amongst the 9pminus families in attendance.

Some of the exciting activities from prior Family Reunions include: roundtable discussions for parents/caregivers, a presentation from the Network’s genetic counsel, a magic show, an interactive reptile and animal show, 9pminus Prom, group meals, and family free time to explore the area and attractions.

The Network has offered scholarships for first-time attendees and may be available for future reunions. Information regarding upcoming Reunions and scholarship opportunities is sent to enrolled families as the event approaches.

The Chromosome 9pminus Network’s Family Reunions are a magical time for all in attendance. The Network encourages all enrolled to attend and to share in the experience!


If you are interested in hosting a Family Reunion (US or Internationally), please click the link below for the form, fill out and email to

Family Reunion-Proposal Form-MS Word

Louisiana 2017